SEAWELL™ Protective Packaging Systems

SEAWELLTM Protective Packaging Systems Brochure

Patent pending technology that protects and preserves customers’ high value seafood products – next-generation seafood packaging

The latest innovation in a line of Aptar Food + Beverage food packaging trays, SEAWELLTM Protective Packaging Systems, will revolutionize the industry.

Available in a signature blue color and a variety of sizes for various capacities, SEAWELL™ trays significantly extend shelf life for fresh seafood, in many cases by up to 50 percent or greater. The shelf life of frozen seafood also is extended; here, products can be packed frozen and then thawed in the same package maintaining product integrity, with resulting fluids absorbed in the tray’s wells – invisible to consumers, who enjoy a pristine product.

Automation-friendly for high-speed production environments, the trays offer clear visibility of the packed product, promoting the exchange of authentic product and representing a ‘case-to-cook’ solution for easy execution in industrial kitchens.


  • Enhanced freshness
  • Increased visual appeal
  • Odor absorption
  • Extended geographic reach for seafood processors


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