A respected leader in food safety, Maxwell Chase specializes in the manufacture of packaging solutions that improve quality and extend the shelf life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables and seafood. The company also provides processing equipment that integrates with its packaging options to deliver superior yield and reduced cost.

Maxwell Chase holds several patents that cover its absorbent packaging including trays, pads, pouches, retail containers, mini containers, and its semi-automatic and automatic slicers. As a CSP Technologies company, Maxwell Chase combines extensive knowledge in polymer science and processing with an ongoing commitment to research and development to improve quality and innovation in food safety and shelf life extension.

SEAWELL™ Protective Packaging Systems

Patent pending technology that protects and preserves your customers’ high value seafood products.

Fresh-R-Pax® Absorbent Packaging Systems

Absorbent packaging systems separating products from their fluids to extend shelf-life and enhance freshness.

IceWrap® Frozen Hydrated Sheets

A lightweight blanket with absorbent cells, when hydrated and frozen, keeps food dry and cold during shipping.

Processing Equipment

Semi and fully automated slicers, tray sealers, and pouch fillers. The equipment fully integrates with our absorbent food packaging and cuts costs while improving yields.

Maxwell Chase Capabilities

Maxwell Chase applies our unique packaging science along with our equipment and processing expertise to develop advanced systems that help extend freshness and enhance safety for fruit, seafood, meat and vegetables. We are an innovative manufacturer of absorbent packaging technologies that are backed by our unmatched global R&D and engineering resources.

Packaging Science

Equipment & Processing Expertise

Product & Service Quality