IceWrap® – Frozen Hydrated Sheets Which Keep Product Cold During Shipment!

IceWrap® is a lightweight blanket which, when hydrated and frozen, is used to keep products cold during shipping. The cells contain a super absorbent material, which when hydrated, produces a flexible gel that is trapped within each pocket or cell, creating a flexible “quilted” pattern that is frozen before use.

  • IceWrap® is a flexible pad that provides a uniform, cold, temperature blanket around the product during shipment
  • A Solution to Cold Chain Packaging
  • This improves the freshness of the product and reduces spoilage
  • As the product is kept cold during shipment, the product weight loss is reduced
  • Overnight shipping costs are reduced as the product will stay cold longer
  • IceWrap’s® flexibility and wider product coverage area makes it an ideal replacement for gel packs
  • IceWrap® stays cold longer than wet ice and does not release fluids when thawed
  • It is preferred by airlines and courier services to wet and dry ice
  • IceWrap® is also used for medical, laboratory and therapeutic applications such as sports injuries, arthritis, etc.

IceWrap®, Ice & Gel Pack Alternative

The Company’s IceWrap® is used for shipping a variety of products including Fresh and Live Seafood, Fresh Meat and Poultry, Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables and Fresh-Cut Flowers. It is a dry absorbent sheet shipped directly to you. Simply hydrate, freeze or heat, and then you have an ice replacement or heating pad that is reusable.

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